Our Font

The font was brought into
All Saints Church, Kettering, originally from the nearby redundant
parish church of
St Denis, Faxton
in the summer of 1955.

Faxton is an abandoned village and chapelry in Northamptonshire. The last villager left in 1960 after the demolition of the parish church of St Denis. There is now just one house standing on this remote hilltop location, overlooking the rolling farmland.

Nearby are the villages of Old, Lamport and Mawsley. Archaeologists claim that the village dates back to approximately 1150.

The font is a relic of the 12th-century church, and has a plain circular bowl, short stem, and chamfered base.

On the side of the bowl was once a small crudely cut rectangular recess possibly for the oils used in baptism.

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